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Design Tools - 6 x 6 inches Bead on it Board - Synthetic Velvet

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The bottom of the boards are skid resistant and the main deck of the board is made with specially selected materials that interact very well with seed beads, just shimmy the board or run your fingers over top of the beads and they will all settle hole side up! Look to spend more time actually beading as the beads will role up onto your needle easily, you just tip the needle onto the side of the bead, you don't have to aim for the hole to get it on your needle!! The Synthetic Velvet is the workhorse for stranding and seedbeading, but does not work quite as well with Delicas. Colour and trim may vary.

Check out the manufacturers video, or ours - because we had to prove it works!

Care and feeding: These boards are very well made - with a little attention to detail - they will last you a lifetime. To Clean, wipe gently with a micro cloth. Do NOT wash, use water or cleaning solutions, do NOT vacuum the decking (yay - one less thing to vacuum!). Always remove pliers and heavy beads before storing your board. Keep away from heat or open flame. Keep away from liquids. If your beads are static-y from the weather, gently wipe your board with a fabric softener sheet. No need to stab your needle into the deck to try and get your bead onto the needle, this can damage to the deck. Instead, tip the bead with the end of the needle and it will slide up onto the needle.

Colours may vary.

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