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Book - Your Beading Mentor - by Sandra Paluzzi

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A personal guide to the ins and outs of bead stringing. Excellent for the beginner.

Sandra says, "I still remember my earliest beading days. I spent a lot of money on tools I still haven't used, made jewelry that quickly fell apart, tried desperately to make a pair of earrings with comparable loops, and otherwise cost myself a lot of frustration, money and time. Then along came Kathy Hrycej, my best beading buddy and mentor." But time marches on - and on the eve of retiring, Sandra has decided to gather all the tips, hints, suggestions from friends, customers and beading pals from over the years - in one place - so that you don't have to spend years struggling to learn. Illustrated by our own in-house photographer, Dwyn Tomlinson. A concentrated collection of information 8.5 x 11 inches. Softcover. 59 pages. Black and White

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